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Easy way to Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree


Easy way to Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree

Easy way to Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree

Contrary to the popular believe that you need a degree to immigrate to Canada, we just want you to get that off your mind. It’s not compulsory you must have a degree to immigrate to Canada. The essence of this article is to give more lights on how you can immigrate to Canada without a degree and the type of immigrate route you can take.

It’s important to note that Canada has a lot of different options for you no matter your skill set or work experience. The key is finding the right immigration opportunity that suits your needs.

The Canadian job market is under pressure, not because of lack of jobs, but because there aren’t enough skilled workers to help maintain the number of available jobs in Canada. Most of the available skilled workers have already gotten to their retirement age. This is the major reason why the country is looking into bringing in foreign skilled and experienced workers to live and work in the Canadian community.

Easy Way To Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree

Easy Way To Immigrate to Canada Without a Degree

According to official report, Canada is aiming to invite over one million foreign nationals by the year 2022, with 340,000 immigrants already set to call Canada home by the end of this year. 195,700 of these hot spots are already reserved for international workers in 2021 alone, but with over 90 different programs to select from, the selection and application process might be quite confusing at the first glance. But not to worry, we have got you covered. In this article, we take a proper look at best ways to immigrate to Canada without a degree in 2021.

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The Express Entry System

The express entry program is one of the popular and highly sort out way most foreign nationals prefer to immigrate to Canada. This system was setup to help skilled foreigners immigrate to Canada in the fastest and most effective way possible. Under the express entry program, there are three immigration sub programs you can find:

  • The Canada Experience Class
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program

Each of these programs have their own set of requirements however your eligibility for the Express Entry system will depend on the below factors:

  • Age
  • Nationality
  • Language Ability
  • Family Members
  • Job offers
  • Work Experience.

Each one of the above criteria will allow you to score points in the CRS. The higher your score the better your chances of getting successful in the application process!

Provincial Nominee Programs

We highly recommend the provincial nominee program to our clients If you are a foreign worker and you are interested in migrating to Canada with your valid job offer of at least one year. eleven of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories have their own unique programs and requirements which also includes occupation in-demand programs that will allow you to apply through Express-Entry linked programs and streamlining the application process. A key to your success here is to find out provinces where your job is in-demand in Canada. The more in demand your job is, the higher your chances of receiving a Provincial Nomination to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot

This immigration program is aimed at helping foreign nationals immigrate to one of Canada Atlantic provinces:

  • Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
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To apply to live and work in Atlantic Canada through the Atlantic immigration pilot program, you will need to meet the requirements set by the program.

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

The rural and northern immigration pilot program is a one-way ticket to easily immigrate to Canada without a degree if you are really interested in immigrating to one of the 11 participating cities and towns in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Eligibility requirement for this program includes:

  • One-year work experience in the last three years
  • Canada high school diploma or post-secondary qualification
  • Language test in English and French
  • Sufficient fund to support your stay
  • Valid job offer from an employer

Agri-Food Pilot

The agri-food pilot program was launched in may 2020. It was aimed at helping skilled workers in the meat processing and manufacturing industry as well as those in the agricultural sectors immigrate to Canada. To qualify for this, you will be required to meet with the below criteria.

  • 1 year of full-time non-seasonal work experience in the past three years
  • Canadian high school diploma or its equivalent
  • Language proficiency test in English or French
  • Sufficient fund to support you and that of your family.
  • Valid full-time non seasonal job offer
  • The Home Care Provider Pilots

In Canada, there is high demand for home care providers. Because of this, the Canadian government has dedicated two specific home care provider pilot programs to help home support workers and care providers immigrate to Canada. Interested in this program? Here are the list of requirements:

  • two years of full time Canadian work experience in the last three years
  • post-secondary educational qualification of at least one year
  • Language proficiency test in English or French
  • Enough funds to support you and your family members
  • Required Supporting documents showing you are capable of carrying out the job
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